Material Synthesis and Characterisation

We offer a broad spectrum of services for advanced materials with our facilities. Prices are negotiable depending on the complexity, quality and quantity of the materials requested.

Our services include materials synthesis and characterisation:

A) Bulk Materials

  • Solid-state synthesis using RF or Microwaves
  • Ball-milling (medium + high energy)
  • Thin films and multilayers using combinatorial sputtering

B) Sintering

  • Conventional (electrical furnace) up to 1500 oC (isostatic 1 Atm in air or inert gas)
  • Uniaxial using Radio-frequency or Microwave up to 1000 oC

C) Structural characterization

  • XRD (powder and single crystal, Rietveld refinement)
  • SEM (Morphology with EDAX analysis)

D) Electrical Characterization

  • Van Der Paw (4 points) resistivity RT for a full wafer up to 4”
  • Van Der Paw or DELTA 30-500 oC for single specimen bulk or thin film
  • Seebeck from 30-500 oC

E) Data Analysis and report

  • Professional Analysis and report


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