Sintering system – Patent No. 1008733

Sintering system – Patent No. 1008733

Sintering technologies have contributed to remarkable discoveries during the past decades. However, few of these modern sintering systems are available to companies and scientists in energy management and environmental applications.

AMEN Technologies’ Compact Sintering System (under Patent No. 1008733) not only enables a real breakthrough in sintered products but also provides a viable answer to the rising demand for high performance functional nanomaterials. Established and constructed inside AMEN Technologies, it guarantees the proper and smooth functioning for every respected research laboratory.

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Why is it an innovative solution?

The technique involves the rapid heating of conductive dies by RF heating. The furnace can achieve heating rates of up to 330 ºC/min. Combined with high pressure (up to 1 GPa) opens up the possibility of producing many new materials with microstructures and properties that can not be achieved using conventional sintering techniques.


Force: 10 – 100 kN

Temperature Range: up to 1000ºC (special 2000ºC)

Sample Diameter: 5 – 25 mm

Z-axis stroke: 50 mm

Vacuum pumping: rotary pump (special turbo pump)

Unique benefits and characteristics

• Low sintering time & high heating rates (up to 500 ºC/ min.) for minimization of grain growth

• Fast synthesis of new, special materials for new market potential

• Fine microstructures for improved mechanical properties

• Environmental friendly/non hazardous byproducts

• User friendly operating system

• Low-cost ownership and maintenance

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