Microwave Heating

Microwave heating and sintering is fundamentally different from the conventional sintering, which involves radiant/resistance heating followed by transfer of thermal energy via conduction to the inside of the body being processed. Microwave heating is a volumetric heating involving conversion of electromagnetic energy into thermal energy, which is instantaneous, rapid and highly efficient.

What are the advantages of Microwave Technology?


  • Time and energy saving (Low cost)
  • High heating rates (>400°C/minute) (Minimization of grain growth)
  • Lower sintering time and temperature (Energy savings)
  • Fine microstructures (Improved mechanical properties)
  • Synthesis of new and special materials (New market potential)
  • Improvement in the product performance
  • Environmentally friendly technique
  • Controlled inert atmosphere-Environmentally friendly process

Applications of this technology

  1. Metallic Powders –MAGNETS
  3. Polymers
  4. Hybrids