About us

“Our R&D team is ready to listen to the customers’ needs,

in order to make the best product”.

Filotas Niarchos, CEO


Below you will find more about our R&D Team, our Services and Internships and about our Honours and Awards.

The Team

AMEN’s R&D team consists of a personnel with more than 30 years of experience in materials science, physics and engineering. Specialized on the materials research sector, all members of the team are motivated by the capability of further development of scientific results and their exploitation for the production of high quality innovative products for energy applications. Learn more about our R&D team and their research/ scientific background by clicking on the link.


AMEN Technologies’ office and laboratories are based on the Technological Park “Lefkippos”, which gives us the opportunity to work in a friendly environment by using the facilities of the Park. Have a look of what our facilities provide to both us and you, concerning your demands.


AMEN Technologies offers precious services such as Sintering, Electrical or Structural Characterisation, Bulk Materials and Analysis/Report.

Work with us

AMEN Technologies asks for students or young scientists, who would like to work with us.  From time to time, we provide calls for applications so stay alert.


In this section you can find our most important honours and awards from the day of our establishment.


Our company follows quality controls similar to ISO Quality Controls.