Advanced Materials

Advance materials are essential of many modern technological innovations. Our company specialises in the categories below and our business model is based on “materials on demand” by filling the gap for research teams in academic institutions, SMEs and large companies. We can synthesize and characterize your suggested material in a short time at very competitive prices from mg to Kg quantities. Prices are negotiable, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thermoelectric Materials (powders and sintered)

  1. Sintered CoSb3 alloys   
  2. Sintered Bi-Te alloys

Magnetic Materials (alloys, powders, thin films and multilayers, sintered and bonded magnets)

  1. Sintered NdFeB alloys for fully dense permanent magnets
  2. Bonded NdFeB alloys for inferior applications

Fuel Cell Materials (powders and sintered)

  1. La-Fe-Co-O electrodes
  2. Family of Heusler full and half alloys
  3. Perovskites