3D electric motor printing with permanent magnets!

3D electric motor printing with permanent magnets!
May 1, 2018 No Comments News AMEN Technologies

The development of stronger, lighter and more economical permanent magnets has been the subject of research of the Magnetic Materials Group of AMEN Technologies and the “Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” at NCSR Demokritοs in Athens, Greece, funded by the EU and the Greek industry.

The field has attracted great research interest due to numerous applications such as hybrid electric vehicles, wind turbines, medical and other energy applications as the basis of all these applications are the electric motors with elements of powerful magnets.

Moreover, additive manufacturing, 3D-printing as it is best known, is the pinnacle of the 4th Industrial Revolution, allowing the manufacture of original 3D laminated articles with excellent precision, high speed and almost zero loss of raw material based on a digital design template.


As part of the collaboration of the Demokritos Group of Magnetic Materials with the AMEN Technologies, a Greek electric motor was first made, with a nominal power of 600 W at 6000 rpm, all of which, except for the permanent magnets, were made with a 3D printer. For those involved, this demonstrates that collaboration between academics and industry can deliver spectacular results with a significant impact on the promotion of “green electricity” and “green energy” with stronger and more economical electric motors.


For engine construction and operation, you can learn more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNmPMUqHiXE


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